Design inspired by The Higherside Chats Podcast episode:

Freeman Fly l Satanic Celebrity Ritual, Disney & Aleister Crowley

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The dark side of the Hollywood Machine is a subject that has many deep and expansive segues. (Many of which are hidden in this design.) Of course, mos researchers who have dissected it's role are quick to point out the obvious distraction purposes it serves- keeping the minds of man busy during the brief gaps between days on the 9-5 hampster wheel. However, some go even further, saying that the true magic of Hollywood is in the complete outsourcing of the modern imagination. We've forgotten how it dream, envision, and create- so they say. It was in this first Higherside Chats episode with Freeman Fly, and in many since that these concepts have been explored, and it never takes long before the attention turns to Disney's role in these agendas.

The Dark Hollywood design incorporates much of these threads, with clear allusions mind control and magic, but also with some deeper details that you might have missed at first glance. First, we have everyone's favorite corporate mascot displaying the "as above, so below" pose, as a less than subtle nod to those esoteric implications. Also, the Sorcerer's hat functioning as a projector, in place of that all important third eye. Finally, savvy folks will clearly understand why the scene is plagued by Monarch butterflies, but if you're not sure who's responsible- you might notice "C.I.A."- tagged in their wings. Uh, oh. Secret's out.

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