Design inspired by The Higherside Chats Podcast episode:

Crrow777 l The Lunar Illusion, Dismantling the Control System & The Road to Knowing

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According to the Russian scientist Hadibov, Earth is a farm created by spider beings called the Ebrov. UFOs are the maintenance crew, and the moon is some type of illusion they hide behind. This also jibes with Crrow777's discovery of the Lunar Wave which he contends is some sort of resetting of said illusion.

When trying to equate the Hadibov material to the symbolism and references to ancient knowledge hidden within secret societies, Greg Carlwood and Crrow couldn't help but speculate about the strange and mysterious emblem above the gates of Bohemian Grove that reads "weaving spiders come not here". Obviously, the Bohemian Grove Club has always used the Owl as it's symbol, but what do they have against spiders?

Are they subtly referring to an ancient conflict between spider being from a distant world and the humans wise enough to recognize their imprisonment and rebel? Who knows, but it makes a great tshirt design.

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