Design inspired by The Higherside Chats Podcast episode:

Eric Dubay l The Flat Earth Theory & The Masonic Matrix Manipulators

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How could we not have a design relating to what has probably been the most controversial topic on The Higherside Chats Podcast to date? Anyone who remembers the infamous Eric Dubay appearance will recognize several references to the subject matter of that episode- from the nukes and the Masonic checkerboard floor, to the Sun and Moon.

The unifying theme among the elements here is that a sizable movement considers  them all "projections" from the nefarious Power Pyramid Capstone Cabal. As the Eric Dubay episode proved, a growing number of people are casting doubt on everything they've been told from official mouthpieces, heard from deceptive leaders, or in this case, only shown through screens.

Savvy conspiracy nerds might also realize the clouds spelling out "sex" is a reference to the infamous NASA photos of Earth with "sex" in the clouds. It makes one wonder what else they've altered.

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