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John Hamer l Institutionalized Charity Corruption & The Titanic Conspiracy 

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The theory goes, that J.P. Morgan and his cronies wanted to institute the Federal Reserve, but there was too much powerful opposition to keep it from being a sure thing. So, they worked to make sure much of this opposition would be on the Titanic, and sink it intentionally.

Here's the time line, in short:

1908- JP Morgan buys White Star Shipping Line, which the Titanic was part of.

1910- A secret Cabal of bankers draft up their plans for the Federal Reserve in a secret meeting on Jekyll Island.

1912- The Titanic sinks, conveniently taking with it John Jacob Astor IV, Benjamin Guggenheim and Isa Strauss- three of the most powerful opponents to the Federal Reserve plan.

1913- On Christmas Eve weekend, when most of Congress was away for the holiday, key members pushed through the Federal Reserve Act, instituting a banking system that still enslaves the nation in a debt based system to this very day.

For enthusiasts of this theory, there are a lot of details to see here. Our artist even modeled the banking cabal off the very men suspected of being involved:

Paul Warburg is front left, Nelson Aldrich is the Texan looking character behind him, Frank Vanderlip is on the right with the pipe and, of course, JP is on the dynamite plunger.

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