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David Rodriguez l The Education Conspiracy and The History of Forced Schooling

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The elite industrialists of the early 20th century are more responsible for shaping American culture than maybe any other group, and are the lifeblood of many major conspiratorial themes. Chief among them, is the systematic dumbing down of our youth with compulsory schooling. It's a decade long system of force, designed as a training program aimed at driving home the need for the masses to remain subservient to their management class, more than it is anything designed to inspired youth to reach their highest heights and greatest creative potential.

As these early industrialists worked to secure their seat on the capstone of the pyramid, they recognized that the  people's "Yankee entrepreneurialism", was probably the greatest threat to their empire in future generations. Thus, the shadowy Elite looked to the ridged authoritarian model Prussia used to cattle-ize armies, and decided to build a ridged authoritarian school system required by law during the most crucial years of young life. Don't be the obedient worker you were trained to be.

The Russian Propaganda poster themed "Get Educated" design aims to tell that story. From the shackled ankles and chalkboard lesson plan, to the students' pained faces and obedient stature- the mission is clear: Destroy individuality and churn out subservient cogs for the machine. The Prussian system is also symbolized in our Teacher of the Year candidate, and it's master- in the cuff link and sleeve above. We appropriately labeled the paint bucket "Common Core", because that's what it is: Just a fresh coat of paint on a century old plan.

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