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Dean Dominic De Lucia l The Hollow Earth, Cavern Worlds & The Beings Within

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From the ancient Epic of Gilgamesh and Vedic texts, to the diaries of Admiral Byrd and stories of escaped Nazi's, the legends and theories that our Earth may be hollow are as old as any. Many of the early sailors navigating the Northern polar region reported strange things that defy conventional wisdom as well: Warm air and flowing water, birds migrating further north, and greenery on land we're told should be nothing but a desert of ice. Knowledge of the 1959 Antarctic Treaty only fuels the speculation as 12 nations signed on to keep the area between 90 degrees west and 150 degrees west officially off limits to anyone without advanced permission. Something worth hiding, perhaps?

The Hollow Earth design here was meant to play off of the highly artistic maps of old. It showcases the theorized holes in both polar regions, and also pulls together many other elements of Hollow Earth lore: UFOs, Agartha, and of course the inner sun described by Olav Jansen and others.

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